Meet the 2021 Health Care
Marketing Trends

Friday, January 29
9:15 AM–10 AM CT

This is a free 45-minute session

The word for 2021 is Engagement. In fact, engagement is the new branding. After all, how you engage patient-consumers influences how they feel about your brand—and if they’ll engage with your services (or choose another provider).

During our special Campfire event, we’ll share four engagement trends that will help you increase audience engagement by:

  • Leveraging “digital dialogue” with patient-consumers
  • Owning the “trusted health news source” positioning
  • Creating “personalized messaging” to make your content hyper-relevant (and hyper-engaging)
  • Restoring the morale of burned out providers and front line workers through “mission mindsets”



Can’t Make the Campfire?
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We host the Campfire Sessions to discuss the issues and opportunities facing health care marketers. These are webinars without boring slides, bullet points, and sales pitches—just great insights shared by and for our marketing colleagues. We hope you’ll join us around the virtual Campfire.

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