2021 Health Care Marketing Predictions


Friday, January 15
9:15 AM–10 AM CT

This is a free 45-minute session

If there’s a key takeaway from 2020 it was to expect the unexpected. But one of our firm’s core values is to be Fearless: that’s why we’re kicking off our first Campfire Session of 2021 to share our predictions on what lies ahead in health care in  2021—and what to do to get ahead of the curve.

Register now to join us around the virtual Campfire for a fun and thought-provoking discussion. 

Joining us are two seasoned health care marketing pros who have their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening and will share what to expect in 2021. 


About Our Guest Panelists

Chris Boyer

Chris Boyer is a digital health care and customer experience strategist along with being a founder and show host for Touch Point Media—podcasts dedicated to all things health care.


Theresa Jacobellis

Theresa Jacobellis is President & CEO of PrescRXptive Communications, a PR and marketing firm, and is host of the Healthcare Confidential podcast. 


Can’t Make the Campfire?
Register anyway. We’ll send a link to the recap and replay.


We host the Campfire Sessions to discuss the issues and opportunities facing health care marketers. These are webinars without boring slides, bullet points, and sales pitches—just great insights shared by and for our marketing colleagues. We hope you’ll join us around the virtual Campfire.

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